Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Day of School

Abby was so excited to finally go to kindergarten! She loves her teacher, Mrs. Bonafacio. I think her first day was harder for me than her, I didn't feel sad untill we were walking home and I turned around and looked back at her running into class. My baby is a big girl now!

Trip to Utah

I love to stop in Salt Lake City and walk

around and see the temple.

I got to meet my baby brother's fiance Jessica,

they are getting married in December!

We also went to East Canyon Resevoir and had a great day

on Bill's new jet skis. It was soo nice to be out on the water!

Bill drove my Dad's boat and I got thrown off the tube a few

times. Aside from a "shark attack" I really enjoyed the lake.

This Is The Place!

I love baby cows!

We went to Heritage Village, just next to the monument and saw a living museum. It had lots of fun things for the kids to see and old houses and stores to walk through.


We had a great time with the Gonthiers ! (Bryce's big sis and her family) It was so fun to get to celebrate Gerard's birthday together. We will have to meet in Utah again, we love you!