Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hanes = Hawaii

For those who weren't aware, my parents took our entire famliy on a wonderful week long vacation to O'ahu. They took their four children (and spouses) along with all the grandkids (ten in all) except for the elest grandson (Kyle Gonthier) who is currently serving The Lord as a missionary in the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission.
We had a great time! Thanks Karan and Jerry Hanes (A.K.A. Mom and Dad)

These are just a few of the shots Alice took of our family during our extended family vacation in April of this year.

My Three Monkeys

This is all three of our little monkeys.
Abby-almost six,
Ben-right before first B-Day,
and Kate-about to turn four.

Happy Birthday Ben

Alice has been REALLY busy lately (with things like this picture of Ben's first birthday) so I thought I'd try and put something up on th blog for folks to look at.

This is the cake Alice made for Big Ben to destroy on his birthbay Numero Uno.